The colloquium DAWAKO (short for: "Darmstädter Wasserbau- und Wasserwirtschaftliches Kolloquium) deals with current aspects of hydraulic engineering and water management. The speakers are invited from science, research and industry. This ensures that both the current state of research and the application of previous results in practice are dealt with in the course of the conference.

DAWAKO is supported by IWW support association .

Current Events

The event is currently in planning.

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Previous Events

This year, after 2020, a DAWAKO finally took place again – however, due to corona, it was greatly shortened and held as an online zoom event. The colloquium was aimed at colleagues from planning and engineering offices, technical authorities, other universities and research institutions as well as utility companies and interested parties.

The online event was again lively moderated by both department heads Prof. Lehmann and Prof. Schmalz. The lectures in the morning dealt with climate change and its consequences for water management. In the morning, heavy rainfall management and hydropower use in developing and emerging countries were highlighted. The report on the activities of the German Hydrological Society (DHG) and general closing remarks marked the end of the event.

The traditional barbecue in the hydraulic engineering hall is expected to be held together with the general meeting of the sponsoring association and the awarding of the sponsoring prizes in summer in Präsenz.

Flyers of previous events

The DAWAKO can look back on a long tradition. In the flyers below you can see the main topics of the previous events:

(Please be aware that the flyers are in German.)